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Reliable Laundry Shop In Singapore

Doing the laundry is part and parcel of the domestic life in Singapore. However due to time and space constraints, many people are turning to professional laundry services for their laundry needs.

Drying wet laundry inside your home can create a host of health complications. According to BBC, the moisture and condensation resulting from indoor laundry drying can trigger dust mites and may lead to health problems like asthma. If you have limited space to dry your wet clothes, consider getting a dryer to dry your clothes. Alternatively, find a reliable laundry service to do the work for you.

If you think your modern washing machine will do all the cleaning automatically for you at the press of a button, think again, because in reality, the most time consuming part of the whole laundering process is the drying (and ironing) of clothes. Furthermore, doing laundry at home could take much of your precious time that you could otherwise use in other more productive activities – like bonding with your family or monitoring your children’s school work.

If you are reading this, chances are you have already tried one or more laundry services. There are a number of laundry service providers in Singapore that claim to be the best; however, the actual fact is that most of their services are sub par in one way or another.

Most of the laundry services in Singapore either fail to provide good quality cleaning or are unable to complete your laundry on time. Then there are those who damage your fabrics during the laundering process. There are also many laundry businesses that use dangerous chemicals while washing your clothes, curtains, bed sheets, blankets, carpets and other textiles. The use of these chemicals not only damages and spoils your fabrics, but it is also detrimental to your health and our eco system.


How To Find The Best Laundry Service In Singapore

So, how do you overcome your laundry problem in Singapore? Well, the first thing you need to do is research. Yes, by doing your homework, you will be able to find a reliable laundry service provider like Laundry Shop Singapore to take care of all your laundry requirements.

Make sure your laundry service provider is highly reputable and experienced in this trade. In addition, you should favour a company that offers a broad selection of laundry services for you to choose from. A good laundry service will never use harsh chemicals while cleaning your clothes. It would finish your laundry on time always and send it back to you promptly.  The convenience it provides, the quality of its services and its professionalism should impress you.


Why Choose Us?

By choosing Laundry Shop Singapore to take care of your laundry, you can be sure that your fabrics are in safe hands. Rest assured that we never use any harmful chemicals during the washing and cleaning process. Furthermore, you’ll get your clothes and other textiles delivered clean and tidy to your home – always on time, every time.

We totally understand that your clothes and other fabrics mean a lot to you, so we go the extra mile to delight you. We will handle your clothes with great care, paying special attention to the labels, and making sure they are not spoiled or damaged during or after the cleaning process. Our laundry service is unmatched in terms of quality, efficiency and pricing.

Our laundry experts are fully aware that different fabrics require different cleaning techniques, and we will treat your clothes and textiles accordingly. We will make sure the dirt, odors, and stains from your clothes are removed in the best way possible.


Our Services

We offer the following laundry services in Singapore:

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Laundry Shop Singapore is a household name when it comes to high quality yet affordable laundry services in Singapore. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and trusted laundry service in Singapore, contact us now. We will strive to delight you with our services.

Our Laundry Services

Commercial Laundry

Regardless of your industry, location or load amount, Laundry Shop Singapore has got you covered.

Residential Laundry

From ironing services, to washing and folding, Laundry Shop Singapore is your trusted laundry services provider.

Dry Cleaning

Does your wedding gown, leather jacket or curtains need delicate handling? Contact us for our dry cleaning services.

Express Dry Clean

Need your clothes dry cleaned urgently? No problem at all. We are here to help you with all your emergency cleaning needs.

Ironing Services

Tired of ironing shirts, blouses and dresses? Why not let us help you. Contact Laundry Shop Singapore now.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need to be cleaned frequently to prolong their lifespan and for hygiene purposes. When was your last carpet cleaning?

Laundry Delivery

Why send your clothes to the laundromat when we can provide pick up and delivery services right at your door step?

Curtain Dry Clean

Curtains are often overlooked when we clean our homes and offices. When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? 

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