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Trusted Carpet Dry Cleaning In Singapore

Carpets are wonderful inventions! A carpeted walkway feels warm and comfortable to walk on for you and your family, especially your little children and beloved pets who would certainly enjoy the softness of the carpet. Rooms covered with carpets are more insulated. Carpeting provides efficient ambient noise reduction.

Carpets are also incredibly versatile. They are no longer the traditional carpets – symmetrically shaped, sedate colours, subdued patterns etc. Instead, stylish carpets and rugs are the most underrated aspect in contemporary decor. Bold colours, quirky shapes, cool motifs and a wide variety of patterns – swirls, bows, lattices, plaids, fleurs-de-lis…. There are infinite ways you can use modern carpets and rugs to dress up your living and working spaces.

Why You Need To Clean Your Carpets & Rugs?

Living in such close proximity with these carpets and rugs also means that their cleanliness can affect our health and general well-being. For hygiene and safety purposes, these carpets and rugs need to be cleaned periodically to ensure that all the impurities, including but not limited to dust, dirt, mould, stain, hair, dander and other alien objects that gets trapped in the carpet fibres would be removed.

Regular maintenance also means taking care of your carpets’ brilliant colours and soft textures by making sure they receive the proper treatment and professional cleaning. This ensures your carpets remain attractive and also extends their lifespan.

So How Do You Ensure The Cleanliness Of Your Carpets & Rugs?

Sadly, magic carpets that can transport us in mid-air or self-clean do not exist in our world. Regular vacuum cleaning and spot removal from time to time are certainly not thorough enough to ensure the pristine condition of a carpet. No matter how much care you give your carpet, it still needs two or three sessions of in-depth cleaning annually.

It is not impossible to do it yourself but it is extremely arduous. DIY attempts have high risks such as: choosing the wrong chemicals, lacking proper cleaning equipment, neglecting safety precautions, and improper ways of carpet drying. You may end up damaging your valuable carpets and rugs, as well as endangering your own health and that of others using the carpet.

Try Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a type of cleaning method that employs very low moisture with very rapid drying time. Detergent or emulsifiers in the form of dry cleaning compound is applied evenly over the carpet to be brushed or machine scrubbed in. The cleaning agent chemically dissolves the greasy filth, while other dirt and grime are attracted to the cleaning agent and together they would be vacuumed off, leaving the carpet immediately clean and dry.

Good carpet dry cleaning can even help to improve air quality and safeguard against harmful microbes; therefore, only a certified expert like us at Laundry Shop Singapore should be trusted to perform this job. We are well-versed with the science and technicalities of dry carpet cleaning. If you do not have the access to such specialised equipment, skills and labour, it is best to entrust your carpet cleaning to the carpet specialists here at Laundry Shop Singapore.

Why Choose Laundry Shop Singapore?

Why waste your precious time trying to perform such challenging tasks when you can depend on a team of competent and qualified professionals at Laundry Shop Singapore? Our laundry experts are fully proficient in carpet cleaning and are knowledgeable about the methods and level of care required for all types of carpet available out there. We promise that only extensively trained and tested workers get to handle our customers’ carpets.

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