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Quality Carpet Shampooing Service In Singapore

It is common for houses and offices to have most of their floors carpeted. This is due to the versatile functions of carpeting. We tend to associate luxurious carpeting with the comforts of everyday life. A carpeted room can absorb ambient noises better, creating a nice and calm ambience, suitable for doing serious work or for private time. A carpeted surface is soft and warm, making it a pleasure to walk on, sit on, lie on and even rolled around in.

Since carpeting covers such large areas of our flooring, getting in contact with humans and/or pets daily, it needs to be maintained regularly. Basic maintenance includes sweeping and vacuuming. More thorough cleaning options are carpet shampooing, carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning.

How To Shampoo Your Carpet?

A rotary-style cleaning machine uses compressed air to generate thick foam from the liquid detergent shampoo. The strong brushes of the machine will agitate the long-lasting thick foam to scrub out foreign particles from the carpet. The foam will also suspend the particles, collecting them, before all the residue gets vacuumed away at the end of the process.

The industrial-standard sophisticated carpet cleaning machines and the specially formulated shampoos are the key elements in carpet shampooing. If not handled correctly, you risk over-wetting your carpet – causing carpet discolouration or shrinkage problems. If your freshly shampooed carpet is not dried properly, mould and mildew may proliferate.

Why Do You Need To Shampoo Your Carpet?

A stained, dirty carpet not only serves as an eyesore, it is also extremely unhygienic as it actually harbours loads of dirt, dust mites, bacteria, allergens and other impurities that can trigger allergies and lead to other health problems.

For instance, dust mites cause skin allergies in some people. Animal hair, pet dander and dust trapped in carpets have the potential to trigger respiratory conditions, like asthma and breathing difficulties. Carpets also collect airborne pollutants easily, contaminating the quality of air which we breathe in.

Unfortunately, we may not have the expertise to shampoo our own carpet without the help of skilled technicians from the laundry industry. We may over-shampoo the carpet causing a build up of soapy residue, turning our carpet into a virtual dirt magnet.  Hence it is advisable to leave the job to the carpet professionals. They are experienced and trained to handle the powerful, sophisticated equipment and cleaning agents, and to provide outstanding carpet shampooing service to their clients.

It would be a waste of time, money and effort if one goes through the long process of carpet shampooing, but fail to deliver the desired results of a clean, safe and hygienic carpet. The tricky parts of the process include making sure that when wetting and scrubbing the carpet, the brushes do not damage the carpet surface and all the residual shampoo are extracted properly.

To overcome these challenges and to ensure a satisfying carpet shampooing service, Laundry Shop Singapore takes extra measures to offer only the best professionals to shampoo your carpet in your home or office.

Does Your Carpet Need Shampooing?

It might or it might not. So contact us today and we will help you figure out just the right cleaning method for your carpet. It is okay if you are not sure what kind of cleaning is the most efficient for your carpet. Carpets of different materials/textures and varying sizes require very different cleaning methods and treatments.

That is why we are here to lend you a helping hand on any matter regarding to your carpet cleaning needs. Contact our friendly staff today and be amazed by what we offer here in Laundry Shop Singapore.

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