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Bulk Laundry Service In Singapore

In Singapore today, laundry service providers can be found in just about every corner of the city. This is in response to the growing demand within Singapore for reliable laundry services, whether for private or business use.

It is natural that cost-effectiveness, professionalism and timeliness are the main criteria when it comes to selecting the best laundry service provider. Although it is feasible to do your laundry in-house, it is both time-consuming and costly in the long run when you consider the utility bills involved and the amount of capital, time and manpower you have to invest into your On Property Laundry (OPL).


We Value Your Time

From time to time we may find ourselves too busy to do our own laundry due to personal commitments or work related arrangements. Whatever the reason may be, your time is valuable and ought to be spent on more important and productive matters than just doing the laundry at home.

Similarly for businesses. Letting your staff concentrate on what they do best, and not be distracted by other side issues like handling the company’s laundry allows your company’s workforce to be more productive and efficient.

Hence we highly recommend outsourcing your bulk laundry to the laundry professionals. Now you will be able put your mind to rest and catch up on your work, or simply enjoying your precious time with your family over the weekend. In the same vein, your company can now focus on your core business of providing services or products to your respective industries.

We Are Here To Help

Laundry Shop Singapore offers a broad range of laundry services to both residential and commercial customers. For bulk laundry service, we will handle all the laundry work for you. You won’t even have to go through the trouble of coming over to drop off your dirty laundry at our premises. Because we offer pickup and delivery for all our customers without any hidden or extra costs.

Our professionals will first sort your clothes accordingly before proceeding with the cleaning process. Once your clothes are dry and clean, we will pack them up nicely. All you have to do is put them away neatly when we deliver them back to you.


Outsource To The Laundry Expert

Our professionals are well-versed and experienced when it comes to getting laundry done. No matter what type of fabric you have, rest assured that our team knows the best way to clean them efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are opting for normal wash or dry cleaning, you can be certain that the quality of cleaning we offer is consistently high. You will never suffer the shock of staining, colour bleeding, colour transfers, fabric shrinkage or fabric stretching issues.

We are aware that there are cleaning agents and detergents that are detrimental not only to your clothes, but also to your  family’s health. Having said that, you have nothing to worry about because Laundry Shop Singapore only uses environment friendly detergents for your laundry. We strive to keep your clothes in pristine condition and looking good as new with every wash.

Contact Us For Efficient Bulk Laundry Service

At Laundry Shop Singapore, customer satisfaction will always be our top priority and we will not waver no matter the volume or type of laundry we are entrusted with. Our friendly and efficient staff will do their utmost to meet your every expectation and make sure your laundry experience with us is second to none.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get your bulk laundry collected, cleaned and returned to you in no time!

Our Laundry Services

Commercial Laundry

Regardless of your industry, location or load amount, Laundry Shop Singapore has got you covered.

Residential Laundry

From ironing services, to washing and folding, Laundry Shop Singapore is your trusted laundry services provider.

Dry Cleaning

Does your wedding gown, leather jacket or curtains need delicate handling? Contact us for our dry cleaning services.

Express Dry Clean

Need your clothes dry cleaned urgently? No problem at all. We are here to help you with all your emergency cleaning needs.

Ironing Services

Tired of ironing shirts, blouses and dresses? Why not let us help you. Contact Laundry Shop Singapore now.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need to be cleaned frequently to prolong their lifespan and for hygiene purposes. When was your last carpet cleaning?

Laundry Delivery

Why send your clothes to the laundromat when we can provide pick up and delivery services right at your door step?

Curtain Dry Clean

Curtains are often overlooked when we clean our homes and offices. When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? 

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