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With Laundry Shop Singapore, you can expect a certified cleanroom garments cleaning service that will ensure the integrity of your cleanroom wearables – jumpsuit, cleanroom boots, hood or bag, we have you covered.
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Trusted Cleanroom Laundry In Singapore

Cleanroom laundry services are necessary to clean and decontaminate clothing and garments used in industries related to surgical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, semiconductor, food processing and other controlled-environment industries. This is due to the important role played by cleanroom garments in maintaining the high level of cleanliness of a cleanroom or critical environment.

The Role Of Cleanroom Laundry 

The role of cleanroom laundry service providers is to eliminate the secondary release of ions, particles, fibres, chemical residues or biological residues from cleanroom garments. Cleanroom laundries also process disposables as well as reusable garments even before these garments are being used.

Although never been worn or used before, disposable cleanroom garments must be pre-laundered to prevent contamination from various manufacturing factors such as fibres, cut edges, sewing threads, by-products of machinery, and general dust and dirt from manufacturing and warehousing.

Cleanroom Washers And Dryers

Today`s cleanroom laundries operate with reconfigured industrial washers and dryers to prevent cross-contamination. The washer, called a barrier washer, has one side that allows loading of dirty garments and another side that allows washed garments to be unloaded to the clean side.

The dryer is equipped with an ioniser to help eliminate static electricity and uses a HEPA filtered system to ensure the drying process takes place in the cleanest air possible. The ioniser allows particles to be released, thus lowering the particle count on cleanroom garments.

When cleanroom garments build up static electricity and have a positive charge, they will attract the negative ions from the ioniser. The charges will then be neutralised and are free to be carried away in the air stream.

The washer and dryer are creations of advanced technology and fully computer-controlled. These are the ideal sanitary washing equipment that can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria, germs and dust, and fully meet the stringent requirements of a dustless environment.

What’s Happening In Our Cleanroom Facility?

Cleanrooms in Laundry Shop Singapore have well-controlled environments and are subjected to strict hygiene and decontamination regulations which place specific demands on the associated cleaning and sanitisation processes.

When bundles of soiled garments from customers come in, these items would be inspected, sorted and pre-treated by general washers to first reduce the soil and dirt, before being loaded into the barrier washer which is specially designed with strict requirements for sanitary insulation.

The barrier washer uses ultra-pure water that will give the washed garments a very low ion and particulate count. The garments will be unloaded and dried. After particle testing and testing of surface resistivity, the garments are inspected, folded, packed and sealed. Once sealed, the garments are ready to be sent out of the cleanroom facility.

Why Choose Laundry Shop Singapore?

When you choose to send your cleanroom facility garments to us at Laundry Shop Singapore for laundering, you can expect a certified cleanroom garment cleaning service that will ensure the integrity of your cleanroom wearables.

When dealing with cleanroom laundry, we adhere to very strict guidelines with respect to washing, sanitising and packaging. We especially pride ourselves on our ability to tailor garments packing to meet customer requirements.

Trust Us To Deliver The Results

Laundry Shop Singapore is able to provide you with one of the best cleanroom laundry packages – at affordable prices and open to full customisation according to your business needs.

We guarantee all our clients our highest level of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in all our laundry services. Hesitate no more and contact us today via our website or phone number to make arrangements to launder your cleanroom garments and other wearables with us.


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