Professional Laundry For Labs

Are your lab coats and linens dirty and contaminated after everyday use in your labs and medical facilities?
Say no to cross contamination!
Get them properly cleaned and sanitised today.

Lab Coat Laundry Service In Singapore

Singapore stands as one of the most well developed countries in the world, where the country’s healthcare infrastructure has flourished owing to recent advances in medical research and development. Whether it is performing research or providing healthcare to the public, it is imperative that all preventative measures against infections and contamination have been taken by your medical staff or researchers.

Among all the personal protective equipment available at the moment, lab coats are the most important of all and need to be readily accessible to all your employees.


Personal Safety Comes First

Whether as doctors or researchers in a lab, routine exposure to harmful infections and contamination from hazardous biological and chemical agents is an inevitable part of work life. That is why lab coats play such a vital role as the first line of defence for your employees against all these harmful substances.

Under no circumstances should your employees carry out their duties at work without clean and sanitised lab coats. This is particularly true for employees in hospitals or medical facilities, where they work in close proximity with patients on a daily basis. Wearing dirty, contaminated lab coats would therefore be detrimental to your patients’ health and recovery time.


Clean With Caution

Regular cleaning for your lab coat is essential. Especially whenever you see any evident signs of contamination or even potential contamination on it. Having said that, your lab coats should never be brought home for cleaning as you would put your entire household at risk of harmful infections and contamination.

Your lab coats require specific, proper treatment and sanitation for complete removal of any pathogens, bacteria, microorganism or any harmful chemical substances attached to it. As such, your need a professional laundry service provider that is well-equipped to handle your lab coat laundry without posing any health risks to the public.

Why Do It In-House When You Can Outsource?

Taking care of your lab coat laundry in-house can be a daunting task and simply too costly to even consider, which is why outsourcing to specialists in such laundry service serves as a better and more economical alternative. Here at Laundry Shop Singapore, we have just the right laundry equipment and seasoned professionals to take care of your lab coat laundry.

Your lab coats will be cleaned according to your hospital’s exacting standards while appropriate measures will also be taken to ensure that maximal sanitation and cleaning is achieved. We pride ourselves with timely delivery and highest quality cleaning so you can rest assured that your lab coats will be cleaned, sanitised and ready for your staffs’ use in their daily routines at work.

Put Your Trust In Us

Your lab coats are basically what stand between your employees and potentially harmful chemicals and biological substances. If you are on the lookout for professionals to take care of your lab coat laundry, without compromising on any of your organisation’s stringent hygiene standards, you can surely put your trust in us to get the job done.

So contact us today for further details and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with your lab coat laundry.

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