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Your mascot costume needs to be cleaned regularly for personal hygiene and a longer lifespan.
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Quality Service For Mascot Cleaning In Singapore

Mascots are unique characters that can be found in all sorts of public places, where they are commonly used for crowd attraction, publicity and marketing of various brands and products. They are integral for any brand or company because they are what makes your product or service more prominent, user-friendly and approachable to the general public.

On top of that, the state and condition of your mascot will have an impact on your company’s reputation since it is a highly visible image. As such, your mascots ought to look good and spotless whenever they are presented to the public. Both adults and children like to take pictures with mascots, so if your mascot costumes are kept clean and spotless, it will be more welcoming and appealing for their fans.

Too Tedious And Costly To Maintain?

Mascot costumes do not come cheap and they often require high maintenance and proper cleaning to ensure a longer lifespan. Mascot cleaning is by no means an easy task, given that it mostly involves hand washing only. Due to the delicate nature of mascot costumes, the use of chemicals and intense heat associated with dry cleaning is strictly prohibited.

As such, mascot cleaning can be laborious and time consuming, where each part of the mascot requires specific cleaning methods. In the wrong hands, your costume could be severely damaged and lead to expensive repairs or worse, a completely new replacement. Your mascot represents a significant investment for your brand or company. It is therefore necessary to get professionals with the necessary expertise to take care of your mascot cleaning.


Find The Right Help

There are many choices when it comes to laundry service providers in Singapore. However, finding the right one that knows and understands how to clean your mascots properly is paramount. What you need is someone that is both reliable and efficient when it comes to laundry service, and that is exactly what we offer at Laundry Shop Singapore.

Laundry is our passion and we offer a wide variety of laundry services to meet our customers’ needs, no matter how much or what type of laundry is received. Here at Laundry Shop Singapore, we are aware that every part of your mascot costume requires specific treatment during cleaning, sanitising and drying. With us, you can be certain that our seasoned laundry professionals have the experience and knowledge to make sure everything is on point and perfectly done to achieve the best results.


Stay Fresh And Comfortable

After every major event or competition, your mascot costume needs to be freshened up and cleaned meticulously both inside and outside. Proper sanitation and odour removal for your mascot costume is extremely important for personal hygiene to ensure that no bacteria or foul stenches are left lingering after every use.

Not only will this prolong the lifespan of your mascot costume, but your staff wearing it will also be more comfortable and motivated to carry out his duty during your events or special occasions.


We Are Here To Help

Your mascots should be sent for extensive cleaning every time after use in events, celebrations and competitions. With our value-for-money mascot cleaning services, you can be sure that your mascots will stay fresh, vibrant and looking new for many years to come.

So contact us today for further details and rest assured that our friendly staff at Laundry Shop Singapore will take good care of your mascot costumes.


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