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Trusted Medical Laundry In Singapore

The healthcare industry in Singapore has flourished in recent years owing to advances in medical care and knowledge. The state-of-the-art technology that Singapore’s private hospitals possess also led to the rapid development of our medical tourism market.

Each year, international and the region’s well-heeled medical tourists come in droves for a whole range of medical care, from health screenings to high-end surgical procedures. Such massive demand has led to Singapore becoming the leading healthcare hub in Asia.

This in turn has led to an increasingly complex healthcare industry, where medical and healthcare providers are constantly finding the right balance between efforts in providing superior medical care and cost management.


What Is Your Focus?

Regardless of how healthcare industry in Singapore has evolved today, patient care should always remain at center stage. The basics in patient care often starts with providing quality patient gowns and clean bed linens, which will most certainly leave a positive perception of your medical facility.

Soiled bed linens, dirty pillow cases, grimy patient gowns, foul-smelling towels and blood-stained ward curtains are all unsightly, contaminated and can lead to further infection and transmission of diseases. An infectious disease outbreak can easily put a healthcare service provider out of business.

Besides patient care, a clean and clinical presentation is also vital in any sector of the healthcare industry as it gives a reflection of your company’s image and reputation as a professional healthcare provider to the general public.


Outsource To Us

Hospital laundries must deal with dirty laundry which are different from that found in other industries. Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities generate linens contaminated with blood, faeces, urine, bacteria, viruses and many other organic contaminants. The medical community are well aware of the dangers of disease transmission, thus there are many rules governing the construction and operation of a healthcare laundry facility.

How you decide to handle your medical laundry will be crucial for your healthcare company or facility. Outsourcing to professionals in medical laundry services like us at Laundry Shop Singapore would not only be economically-wise for your facility, but it also gives you more time to concentrate and fully devote yourselves to providing the best possible healthcare to the public.

Why Engage Us?

Although there are many laundry service providers available in Singapore, Laundry Shop Singapore definitely stands out as one of the most reliable and efficient laundry service for your medical laundry. Here at Laundry Shop Singapore, we provide comprehensive laundry services to meet all your needs for quality medical laundry.

To reduce the risk of infection while enhancing patient comfort and satisfaction, a clean and safe environment is essential for any type of healthcare facility. Any lapse in hygiene would not only be detrimental to your patient’s health, but it would also affect your company’s image and reputation as a premier healthcare provider. As such, you can expect high standards from our professionals at Laundry Shop Singapore when performing cleaning on your medical laundry and hospital linens.


Only The Best For You

From bed linens to all types of medical garments, you can rest assured that our professionals got you covered. The vast knowledge and experience that we have in laundry services will allow us to determine the best solutions for your medical laundry; such that all your laundered items will be cleaned thoroughly and spotless upon delivery.

You can also expect no delays in delivery of your laundered items from our side so that your medical facility can function optimally and provide the best healthcare to patients. Besides medical staff and patients, we also provide laundry services for non-medical staff at your various facilities such as supervisors, managers and even janitors so that your healthcare company’s image and presentation to the public as a whole is well-covered.

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Here at Laundry Shop Singapore, it is our mandate to provide only the best laundry solutions to our customers at prices that are both reasonable and competitive in the marketplace. Regardless of the volume of your laundry, you can always expect quality cleaning and timely delivery for your medical laundry.

So contact us now and let our professionals assist you in making sure your healthcare facility stays safe and hygienic.

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