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Quality, Efficient School Laundry Service In Singapore

Singapore’s education system is regarded as one of the most efficient and effective in the world, where students of high calibre are constantly being produced. With students constantly striving to achieve excellence in their studies, it is easy to forget that their school uniforms need to be in tip-top shape as well.

In this day and age, it is very common for both parents of the same household to work, especially in Singapore where most are always keeping themselves busy with work. With that being said, doing household chores such as cleaning the house or doing the laundry certainly becomes a real hassle as most would find it difficult to spare time for them.


Care For Your Students

It is easy to overlook the importance of having clean clothes for school, which may be the very reason for lower attendance or grades. This was exactly what happened in America, where attendance rates of students around low-income areas shot up after Whirlpool, an American home appliance company gave out washers and dryers to their schools for free.

This was all down to the fact that the students were happier and more motivated in school with clean uniforms and sports attire. Although this was purely situational, schools in Singapore can still make a similar impact and care for their students by outsourcing their school laundry to professional laundry service providers.


Outsource To Laundry Professionals Like Us

While there are many laundry service providers in Singapore, finding one that provides reliable and efficient service ought to be your  top priority, and here is where we come in. Laundry Shop Singapore is your one-stop hub for all kinds of top-notch laundry services.

Our team is filled with seasoned professionals boasting many years of experience and in-depth knowledge for laundry cleaning. So no matter the type of laundry or the volume involved, you can always expect reliable top quality cleaning and timely delivery from us. Here at Laundry Shop Singapore, we put our customers’ needs above all so if you have any specific requests for your school laundry, we will get it done for you.


Too Heavily Soiled? No Problem

Besides achieving academic excellence, students in Singapore are often faced with high expectations to excel in their co-curricular activities (CCA) as well. These activities range from doing foot drills in uniformed groups, performing at music events in the performing arts groups, or training for competitions in sports groups.

Taking part in outdoor activities such as soccer and rugby however, often results in heavily soiled sports gear and attire at the end of the day. These will be particularly hard to wash and dry in-house, which creates unnecessary stress and frustration for parents or home helpers.

Therefore, why not outsource your heavily soiled and stained sports wear and other school laundry to us at Laundry Shop Singapore, and save yourself all the hassle of cleaning them yourself. Not only will we get your active wear, group uniforms and school uniforms clean and spotless again, we will also deliver them back to you in time for your children’s hectic curriculum in school.


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With all things considered, school laundry service is indispensable for schools, students, teachers and parents. No matter where your location is in Singapore, we are readily available to meet all your school laundry needs.

So contact our friendly staff today and we will provide you with the best laundry solutions for your school laundry at reasonable and competitive prices.



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