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Our mission lies in producing spotless and beautifully presented tablecloths that will impress your customers while they enjoy their meals at your premises.
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Tablecloth Laundry Services In Singapore

We all enjoy eating out from time to time – to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and for many other reasons. When choosing restaurants to patronise, quality food, prompt service and nice atmosphere all come into play.

Along with the trend of taking pictures and selfies, and posting statuses on social media, people are paying more attention than ever to the lighting and setting of their surroundings. Especially at the dining table since eating is one of our prime socialising activities.

Thus, it is no secret that foodies and food connoisseurs love to seek out places that not only serve the best food, but also promise the cosiest atmosphere.

We Love Tablecloths

To create a nice ambience, the few elements that must be selected carefully are lightings, furniture, decorations, tablecloths and other table linens. Different designs and colours of tablecloths and table linens portray different moods, setting and could even represent the genre of the restaurant.

Chinese restaurants usually go for red tablecloths while Italian restaurants or pizza places are usually seen with checkered tablecloths. White tablecloths give a pure clean hygienic look, floral tablecloths provide a warm homey feeling, while smooth tablecloths with a satin finish look classy and elegant. A tablecloth makes a room seem more put together and gives a pleasant finished look.

Steps In Laundering Tablecloths

A professional way of laundering tablecloths and table linens start with pre-treatment on all greasy food stains with a stain remover. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, the stain is rubbed in a circular motion until it comes off completely. The pressure applied while rubbing must be persistent enough to get rid of the stain, but not too much to avoid spoiling the fabric.

Then warm or hot water is used to launder tablecloths together with environmental friendly detergent. However, extra precautions must be taken to make sure that the fabric is not going to get bleached or fade in colour.

The tablecloths are then to be tumbled dried on warm setting until they are almost dry. They should still be a little damp to the touch as the moisture makes things a lot easier when it comes to the next step – ironing. After steam ironing the tablecloth, it will look so much more presentable to your dining guests.

Our 5-Star Promise

At Laundry Shop Singapore, your tablecloths and other table linens remain in our total quality control process right from the start – from laundry collection, to the pre-treatment step all the way down to delivery.  We can assure you that all our tablecloth laundering services are fine tuned to the highest quality standards, including meeting regulatory compliances.

We have a team of specially trained employees who are very knowledgeable about the different materials of tablecloths, very skilful in laundering techniques and very keen to understand your cleaning requirements. Our mission and dedication lies in producing spotless and beautifully presented tablecloths that will impress your customers while they enjoy their meals at your premises.

You Deserve The Best Laundering Services

If you own and operate a café or a restaurant, chances are you are in the food business and enjoy cooking and serving people. Thus, when you send your table linens to us at Laundry Shop Singapore, you have more time and energy to focus on your core strength of preparing and presenting delightful cuisines and beverages to your customers.

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