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We provide professional laundry services for all kinds of towels for various businesses – from spas, gyms, fitness centers to hair salons and beauty salons.
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Towel Laundry Services Singapore

A towel is usually made of absorbent fabric that is used for drying and wiping a surface, such as our bodies. Common textile towels are made from cotton which draws moisture through direct contact, often using a dabbing or a rubbing motion. Other popular materials for towels include rayon, bamboo, viscose, PVA, polyester, microfibre and non-woven fibres.

The Many Usages Of Towels

In households, there are already several categories of fabric towels for different purposes such as small hand towels, kitchen towels, wash towels, bath towels and towels for pets. It is therefore not uncommon to have a few types of towels, in various sizes and colours at home.

For commercial use, there is an even bigger variety including gym towels, hotel towels, massage towels, hair salon towels, as well as towels used in spas, saunas, pools, beauty parlours, nursery, hospitals and more.

Maintenance And Cleaning Of Towels

Regular clothes typically can be cleaned by just keeping the washing machine setting at “regular wash”, whereas towels need to be washed using the long hot wash cycle.

The reason for towels needing that extra strong wash is because towels are usually used to clean and dry a surface, and this involves a lot of rubbing and coming into contact with various dirty surfaces. The rubbing motion will get a lot of dirt, dead cells, dust and other pollutants from the surface being rubbed onto the towel fabric.

Moreover, when damp towels are not properly aired, they develop a foul smell and may encourage mildew and mould growth too.

Why Towels Need To Be Laundered Separately? 

Towels and sheets should be washed separately from normal laundry due to two reasons.

Firstly, towels are natural lint producers so when they are washed together with other clothing, the lint from the towels will stick to the other clothing. Removing them is time-consuming and troublesome.

Secondly, towels are made from sturdy materials that can withstand the constant trauma of heavy-duty washing. To get the towels really clean, they need to be put on extended wash cycle with very hot or warm water – every single time.

What We Can Provide You?

At Laundry Shop Singapore, we provide the heavy-duty washing which your commercial towels demand. We offer cleaning quality of the highest standard, working with only the best selection of detergents and conditioners. The environmental friendly detergents deliver exceptional cleaning results without compromising the lifespan of your towels.

Fabric conditioners are used in the process to guarantee the freshness and fluffiness of your towels. We understand that towels from different businesses serve different functions. For example towels used in hair salons are soaked in hair products, while towels used in massage parlours are saturated with essential oils.

Therefore, we highly recommend tailoring the wash process for each client, according to their unique needs, to ensure the complete elimination of impurities from their towels.

Let Us Launder Your Towels

Let us support your business by helping you provide clean, fresh and neatly folded towels to your customers. Every single detail such as washing requirements, bulk orders, collection and delivery schedule, contract pricing can be discussed and arranged.

No laundry job is too big or too small for us at the Laundry Shop Singapore. Feel free to send in your towels for professional cleaning today!




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