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Professional Dry Cleaning Service In Singapore

In Singapore, finding the right dry cleaning service is often a daunting task for many people, because majority of the existing dry cleaning services fail in one area or another. Some of the services fail to clean your clothes, curtains and linens properly. Some damage your items during the laundering process – be it colour transfer, colour bleeding or other staining problems. Whereas others don’t offer laundry collection and delivery services.

There are many dry cleaning services in Singapore that fail in cleaning quality, timely delivery, and/or price of services. Many dry cleaning services use harsh chemicals during the cleaning process, while others simply can’t remove the dirt and stubborn stains from your clothes, curtains, and other fabric items.

If your garments, curtains and other fabrics land in the hands of an incompetent dry cleaner, chances are the colours of your fabrics will fade or bleed during the cleaning process. Another common problem that may occur is fabric shrinkage.

Reliable And Trusted Dry Cleaning Service

It is important to mention here that responsible dry cleaning services do not use water during the dry cleaning process. Instead, non-toxic, eco-friendly products are used to clean your curtains, garments and other fabrics. The use of these products ensures that the original texture of the fabrics are preserved and strengthened.

You should do your research before choosing a suitable dry cleaning service in Singapore. Select a company that knows the science of fabrics and the technical aspects of dry cleaning. Your dry cleaning service provider should understand that delicate fabrics and clothes require special attention and extra care. They should go all out to ensure that your freshly laundered clothes are delivered to you promptly all the time.

Fortunately, there is a very reliable, professional and trustworthy dry cleaning service in Singapore. You can now entrust all your dry cleaning needs to Laundry Shop Singapore and rest assured that all your delicate clothes, curtains and winter clothes will be well taken care of. What’s more, our convenient laundry collection and delivery services means you’ll get your freshly laundered items at your doorsteps, whether your home or office on time, every time.


Why Choose Us?

Laundry Shop Singapore uses ultramodern dry cleaning techniques and technologies that can deliver matchless results to you. We ensure your fabrics are not spoiled or damaged during the cleaning process.

We fully understand the science of fabrics, meaning that your garments, carpets, curtains, bed sheets, and other fabrics are safe in our hands. We will deliver them to your home properly dry cleaned, neat, tidy, and on time.

In order to make sure all traces of solvents are completely removed from the fabrics, we run your garments and other items through a deodorizing cycle. This involves the flow of air over the gaps via a vapor retrieval sifter. After this process, your items are fully clean and prepared for ironing, packing, and delivery to your home.

We extend the finest customer service, laundry delivery service, and after-sales support to all our valued clients. We make sure they are always delighted with our services. We offer one of the best dry cleaning service in Singapore, both in terms of quality and price. We have priced our services to make them affordable to everyone. The dry cleaning tasks at our facility are undertaken by expert dry cleaners who have undergone extensive training in the niche.


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We are a trusted and reliable dry cleaning service in Singapore. If you wish to engage our services, we’re just a call or email away. Contact us now and we’ll make sure your laundry needs are fulfilled efficiently and economically.

Curtains Dry Clean Rates

Cushion Type Size Rate
Day Curtains (Per Set)
Removal & Installation Included
Full Length $80.00
Half Length $80.00
Black out/ Night Curtains (Per Set)
Removal & Installation Included
Full Length $120.00
Half Length $100.00


Cushion Cover Dry Clean Rates

Cushion Cover Size Rate
Cushion Cover Small $6.00
Medium $8.00
Large $10.00

Linen Dry Clean Rates

Linen Type Linen Size Rate
Bedsheet Single $10.00
Double $12.00
Comforter/ Quilt/ Blanket Single $18.00
Double $20.00
Bed Cover/ Bed Spread/ Quilt Cover/ Towel Blanket/ Mattress Protector Single $12.00
Double $14.00
Pillow/ Bolster Case Standard $2.50

 Clothing Dry Clean Rates

Type Size Rate


Short $6.50
Long $9.00


Short $9.00
Long $15.00


Short $8.00
Long $12.00


Ladies $10.00
Men $12.00

Leather Wear

Ladies $20.00
Men $50.00

Wind Breaker/Winter Wear

Small $15.00
Medium $20.00
Large $25.00


Standard $6.50


Standard $6.50

Evening Dress

Standard $20.00

Saree( 1 pc)

Standard $20.00


Standard $5.00


Standard $8.00

Wedding Gown*

Standard $50.00


Standard $20.00

Baju Kurung/ Baju Kebaya*

Standard $20.00

Punjabi Suits (2 pcs)*

Standard $20.00

* Additional charges shall apply depending on complexity


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