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Quality Curtain Dry Cleaning Service In Singapore

In Singapore, finding a consistently high quality curtain dry cleaning service can sometimes be a very difficult task, given the uneven quality of dry cleaners currently available. Since curtains are among the most essential fabrics in your home and office, choose only a trusted dry cleaning service to undertake your curtain dry cleaning job.

Curtains “dress up your room”, making a powerful style statement in terms of interior design. Besides playing a very important role in home and workplace décor, curtains maintain the privacy and healthy atmosphere of your home and office.

In Singapore, most people lead busy lives. Meaning that once our curtains are put up, we tend to forget about them totally, let alone clean or maintain them. No doubt curtains, drapes and blinds are among the most neglected in your home and office cleaning routines. As a result, our curtains, drapes and blinds can get really dusty and grimy after long periods of neglect.

Reasons To Dry Clean Your Curtains Regularly

Besides the normal dust and dirt trapped in your curtains and drapery, stains found include chocolate stains, crayon stains, beer stains, paint stains, pastel stains and candle wax. These stains and dirt can’t be removed easily; therefore, it is important for you to find a credible, reputed, and effective curtain dry cleaning service in Singapore to do the job. This is vital, because some curtains are made of expensive and special fabrics that can be damaged if an inexperienced person performs the dry cleaning.

The benefits of regularly dry cleaning your curtains are immense. Timely dry cleaning not only keeps your curtains clean and tidy but also saves you money by prolonging their lifespan. Dry cleaning regularly also helps to maintain the quality and aesthetic appearance of the curtains. Skillful pressing of the cleaned curtains by a professional dry cleaner helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and creases in the fabrics.

One of the most important reason to clean your curtains, draperies and blinds regularly is to safe-guard the health of your family. The dirt and dust trapped can accumulate over time, and this makes curtains fertile breed grounds for dust mites and allergens. For young kids, elderly parents and those with weaker immune systems, they may develop allergies, eczema, asthma or even lung infections.


Why Choose Us?

Laundry Shop Singapore is a reputable laundry service provider backed by a team of highly experienced and professional dry cleaners, who specialise in curtain dry cleaning. Unlike other dry cleaning services that use harsh, dangerous chemicals during the dry cleaning process, we use specially formulated eco-friendly, fabric-safe, and toxin-free products to dry clean your curtains and draperies.

With Laundry Shop Singapore, your day and night curtains are in safe hands. They will not lose or bleed colour. They will not shrink or go out of shape. Our professional dry cleaners will make sure that all types of stains, dust and dirt are completely removed from the curtains.

We are highly experienced in dry cleaning almost all types of curtain fabrics and curtain types, including polyester, cotton, silk, linen, velvet, lace, and sheer curtains, roman blinds, stage curtains, drapes, box pleated, silhouette blinds, eyelet curtains, and day and night curtains.

We also provide curtain removal and installation services, so it is totally hassle-free for you. All you have to do is to ring or email us to pick up your curtains and we’ll handle it from there.

After dry cleaning, we will deliver the curtains and draperies back to you – clean, fresh and crease-free. We will hang them up for you and voila! Your curtains now look as good as new!


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