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Leather Dry Cleaning In Singapore

Leather Needs Special Attention

Leather items are fashionable apparels that bring a touch of ruggedness to your fashion collection. Items made of leather such as bomber jackets, trench coats, hand bags and even shoes all require appropriate care to maintain the sheen of the leather.

When leather items are left untouched for some time, dust and dirt would collect on them. As leather is porous, wiping it down with too much water can cause water marks to stain the leather. Cleaning your leather with ammonia or bleach-based cleaners can damage the leather finish, causing your leather to get excessively dry, and even crack or tear.

Caring For Your Leather

Being a versatile and natural material, leather is popular and has timeless appeal. While leather items look impressive, caring for them needs special effort. Leather absorbs liquid easily, hence spills can cause bad stains. Leather can also scratch, so keep it away from sharp objects.

If your leather gets dusty, gently dust the surface to get rid of dirt and soil. If your leather gets wet, immediately wipe away the moisture with a soft cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature. Remember to keep it away from sunlight to avoid fading or cracking of your leather. Stains should be removed quickly to prevent permanent damage to your leather.

Dry Cleaning Your Leather

As leather cannot be washed with water, dry cleaning can be the solution for your precious leather items. The dry cleaning process uses solvents as cleaning agents instead of wet washing the leather with water.

Dry cleaning not only removes the obvious stains from your leather garments, it also restores the natural oils that are lost through normal wear and aging. It even restores colours faded due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Proper dry cleaning helps your leather jacket maintain its shape and at the same time returns it to its original form.

Leave Your Leather Garments To Us

We at Laundry Shop Singapore are experts in providing quality laundry services and more so in dry cleaning. From simple everyday cotton t-shirts and denim jeans, to more complicated rugged leather jackets and delicate silk evening wear, our seasoned professionals are able to handle them accordingly.

Utilising our state of the art technology on leather cleaning, our experienced leather specialists will first check through your leather garment for stains, ingrained soiling and scruff marks. Then they go through a detailed analysis of the leather type, before deciding on the best cleaning agent for your leather. The various kinds of leather include grain leather, finished leather, unfinished leather, suede and nubuck leather.

Besides cleaning, refinishing and pressing of your leather garments also requires considerable skill on the part of the dry cleaner.

Dry Cleaning With Delivery

For your convenience, we also provide collection and delivery with our leather cleaning laundry service. Once we have picked up your leather items, they are delivered safely to our professional’s hands for cleaning. Our dry cleaning process is efficient and harmless to your precious leather items.

To keep your leather jacket and other leather garments looking good and make them last longer, send them to our leather specialists for dry cleaning today.

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