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Professional Dry Cleaning In Singapore

With so many laundry service providers in Singapore, it is inevitable that there will be some bad apples among them. When we engage the wrong company, the condition of our garments and apparels may become worse, especially delicate garments or those items which require dry cleaning.

Garments that require dry cleaning typically are those that are made of leather, wool, lace and so on. These fabrics are easily damaged if they are not professionally dry cleaned, or if inferior detergents, solvents or cleaning agents that are corrosive in nature have been used.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a cleansing process that uses a solvent called perchlorethylene or DF2000 to clean clothing. The perc or PCE (as it is commonly called in the industry) is run through the garment and then extracted along with dislodged oils, grime, food, dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles.  Since soap and water are not used in the process, this is known as “dry” cleaning.

Leave It To The Professionals

Most of the time, the garment to be dry cleaned may have already cost you a bomb when it was initially bought. Such garments range from expensive business suits and corporate wear to bulky winter wear and leather jackets. More care and attention will have to be lavished on these items to ensure their longevity. Sending them to the professional dry cleaners ensures they are properly handled.

Professional laundry services help maintain the shape and texture of your garments. If you do not wish to worry about damaging your valuable garments, it is recommended to pay a bit more and get them cleaned professionally.

Guaranteed Professional Handiwork

Laundry Shop Singapore is made up of experienced and professional individuals in the field of laundry service. After so many years in this business, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on cleaning a variety of stains from diverse types of fabrics.

We cooperate with big corporations and SMEs (small medium enterprises) to handle their bulk laundry – dry cleaning, laundering, pressing and delivery. At the same time, we also provide retail services to households and individuals.

We use safe organic solutions that are best suited for each type of fabric during the dry cleaning process. Such a method allows the stains on the fabrics to be removed without harming the garments. The organic solvents that we use in the process will not only provide you with a garment that satisfies you visually, but also one that is comfortable to wear. Most importantly the efficiency and professionalism of our dry cleaning service will be able to safeguard your health by removing any bacteria or pests in your item.

Affordable And Convenient Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning services do not require you to drop by our service branches. You have a choice of sending in the laundry yourself or us picking the laundry up from your place.

Laundry Shop Singapore provides a wide range of high quality laundry services at wallet-friendly prices. Keeping your laundry safe, cleaned and ironed to its most impressive state, and delivering it back into your hands timely is our mission.

Our reliable dry cleaners are just a phone call or an email away. Contact us now for professional dry cleaning services you can count on!

Our Laundry Services

Commercial Laundry

Regardless of your industry, location or load amount, Laundry Shop Singapore has got you covered.

Residential Laundry

From ironing services, to washing and folding, Laundry Shop Singapore is your trusted laundry services provider.

Dry Cleaning

Does your wedding gown, leather jacket or curtains need delicate handling? Contact us for our dry cleaning services.

Express Dry Clean

Need your clothes dry cleaned urgently? No problem at all. We are here to help you with all your emergency cleaning needs.

Ironing Services

Tired of ironing shirts, blouses and dresses? Why not let us help you. Contact Laundry Shop Singapore now.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need to be cleaned frequently to prolong their lifespan and for hygiene purposes. When was your last carpet cleaning?

Laundry Delivery

Why send your clothes to the laundromat when we can provide pick up and delivery services right at your door step?

Curtain Dry Clean

Curtains are often overlooked when we clean our homes and offices. When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? 

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