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Quality Curtain Laundry In Singapore

Young children see the curtain as a play tool. They play hide and seek with it – it can be their fort, their hiding place, their temporary cape or an imaginary waterfall and more. Adults use curtains as window coverings that keep away and filter direct sunlight from entering the rooms, keeping our rooms nice and cool.

Curtains provide privacy and security from peeping strangers and nosey neighbours into our personal lives. Different types of curtain designs and materials will provide varying degrees of cooling and set up different kinds of mood and atmosphere at our home or office.

With the millions of designs, patterns, embroideries, colour schemes and materials to be chosen from according to users’ preferences, curtains also make good decor statements, reflecting the home owners’ creativity and enhancing the overall decor theme.

All curtains need to be cleaned at least once every 6 months for hygiene purposes and to extend the lifespan of the curtain fabric. Whether it is sheer lace day curtains or thick opaque heavy drapery that blocks out the sun’s rays entirely, Laundry Shop Singapore has the expertise to clean them all.

Curtain Wet Cleaning

It is not uncommon for people to wash their curtains in a washing machine. This is convenient if you have a big enough washing machine and if you are certain the fabric of your curtain can withstand machine washing.

Drapery fabrics are not the same as your normal clothing fabrics. While some fabrics such as polyester sheers can be washed, most drapes will not respond well to normal washing. It might result in shrinkage, distortion and damage, even after just one wash. Hence it is important to consult the laundry specialists before going for any option.

In curtain wet cleaning, the temperature of the cold water used must be optimum. When they are wet, lightweight curtain fabrics make them prone to wrinkling and ripping. Swirling of the fabric must be skilfully done to remove debris thoroughly while not ripping the curtain apart. Curtain made of lace and sheer materials must be handled with extra care and be hand washed to avoid fraying and damage.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

For dry cleaning, we use a very mild detergent and only run gentle cycles. Some fabrics may bleed and fade if they are not properly dry cleaned, and others may shrink on the fabric surface.

Dry cleaning of curtains is a highly effective cleaning technique to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens because instead of water, dry cleaning uses solvent which has the ability to dissolve grease and oil in a way that water cannot do the job. Natural fibres such as silk and wool, and synthetic fibres such as polyester respond brilliantly to dry cleaning.

Our specialist dry cleaning service eliminates every hidden microscopic particle and helps to return garments to a “like new” condition, while taking precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of colour, and change of texture or appearance.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Curtain steam cleaning offers a lot of benefits including no downtime, no shrinkage, no risk of colour runs, and no creases. This service is incredibly quick and can be done onsite too. Onsite steam cleaning is a huge time saver where we will steam clean and sanitise your curtains in your premises with our handheld attachment steamer without the need for curtain removal.

Our steam cleaning technique efficiently removes dirt, stains, and soiled areas while killing dust mites, fungal spores and 99.9% of bacteria. Steam cleaning could also make a good interim process between the next deep cleaning schedule.

Laundry Shop Singapore Cleans Them Right!

Removing stains and mildew from curtains can be difficult. Many washing machines are too small for today’s curtains and using the tumble dry option could also damage fabrics such that they do not hang properly again.

Why go through the hassle of taking down your dusty curtains, cleaning them and hanging them up again? Simply contact Laundry Shop Singapore and our experienced technicians can handle them for you. From removal to cleaning, from delivery to installation – our comprehensive curtain laundry service makes sure you do not need to lift a finger.

Besides offering professional curtain cleaning service, our laundry experts also clean carpets, upholstery, business suits, winter wear and more. We have a solid reputation of providing high quality and efficient laundry services to customers at affordable and unbeatable rates.

Feel free to give us a call at our company hotline or email our friendly staff if you have any enquiries. Engage our curtain laundry service to clean and maintain your curtains bi-annually, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier indoor environment with your family!


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