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Overwhelmed by the pile of dirty clothes that needs to be washed and ironed? Need professional pressing for bulky home linens like bed sheets or curtains? Let us help.
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Trusted And Affordable Ironing Service In Singapore

The pace of life is very fast in Singapore, so much so that you often get overwhelmed when you look at the ever-growing pile of dirty clothes that needs to be washed and ironed over the weekend. No doubt, people hate doing the laundry and ironing, except for the ironing pros who offer ironing services in Singapore.

While ironing may appear effortless and even therapeutic to some, it is actually a very tough exercise for newbies who are unfamiliar with ironing techniques and best practices. Also, instead of standing in front of the ironing board for half a day, most people would much prefer to spend their precious time bonding with their family and friends.


Benefits Of Using A Professional Ironing Service

One of the best solutions for your ironing needs is to have your clothes ironed by the ironing service professionals. Yes, there are a number of clothes and linen cleaning and ironing services in Singapore. The ironing services are mostly offered by businesses that also provide dry cleaning and other laundry services. This means that you can have both your laundry and ironing done at the same service provider.

Quality: Dry cleaning and ironing services not only relieve you of these time-consuming chores, making your life easier and less stressful. The reliable ones also provide you with good quality and reliable services. You should choose your ironing service provider very carefully, as there are many providers that simply cannot do quality cleaning and ironing work.

A responsible ironing service in Singapore will dry clean, starch, press, and return your evening dresses, suits, curtains and bed linens to you – crease-free and on time. The people at the ironing services in Singapore are professionals, meaning that it is their specialty and everyday job to do ironing work. They know the techniques of ironing and the science of fabrics like the back of their hands.

Time-saving: Instead of sweating it out at the ironing board for a few hours, entrust your ironing chores to the ironing specialists who will use special techniques to press your clothes immaculately. The reliable dry cleaning and ironing services are able to make your clothes look better and fresher. By outsourcing your ironing function, you will be able to focus on other more important tasks in your home or business.

Commercial ironing services: There are also commercial ironing services to meet the needs of businesses like hotels, restaurants, salons, gyms and hospitals. So, if you have a hotel and you need your pillow covers, bed sheets or curtains ironed, you can engage a reputable ironing service like Laundry Shop Singapore to do the job for you. We ensure all your bed linens look fresh, crease-free and crisply pressed all the time.

Inexpensive ironing services: The good news is that if you manage to find an affordable ironing service like Laundry Shop Singapore, you can save a lot of money. Compare the price lists and packages from different services before making your decision. Always remember the cheapest deal may not be a good deal. Even for the best cost-efficient service provider, quality should never be compromised.


Why Choose Us?

Laundry Shop Singapore is a household name when it comes to dry cleaning and ironing services, in addition to a range of other laundry services. Our professionals are trained vigorously to produce the best results possible. When you engage us, you will get your clothes and other items properly pressed and delivered to you on time – without burn marks, creases or wrinkles.

We fully understand that you are looking for a reliable ironing service in Singapore at an affordable price. This is exactly what we are offering you. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism, which means we take care of your items and deliver the best value for your money.


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The pace of life in Singapore is very fast, and it can get complicated. Streamline your life by picking Laundry Shop Singapore as your laundry service provider. If you are searching for a reliable, cost-efficient and responsible ironing service in Singapore, contact us now.

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