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We offer the finest of laundry and dry cleaning services at extremely competitive prices.
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Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services Singapore

Do You Do Your Own Laundry?

Do you think Hillary Clinton does her own laundry? Why not? Because she has more important things to do? So do you!

If you are studying or have just started working, chances are you need more time to focus on your academic achievements or your new job. Getting a good, reliable laundry company to do the laundry for you will put your mind at ease and leave you with more time to achieve your ambition and to chase your dreams.

On the other hand, if you have just gotten a few promotions, enjoys a stable income and lives comfortably, then you need to reward yourself by freeing yourself from tedious laundry tasks and start indulging in the more exciting and meaningful things in life.

Send Your Dirty Linens To Laundry Shop Singapore

Laundry Shop Singapore specialises in local laundry and dry cleaning services. For general laundry, we will wash, dry, fold and pack them nicely for delivery to your doorstep. For items to be dry cleaned, our professional pressers will iron them after the dry cleaning process, before sending them back to you – smart and crisply pressed. Even if you have bulky laundry, or need express dry cleaning, fret not, as we are fully equipped to handle all your laundry requirements.

We understand that it is hard to squeeze in time for mundane laundry chores, with your busy schedule and many other commitments. You deserve a break and we are here to help.

Wide Range Of Laundry Services

It could be your general day-to-day wear such as shirts, shorts, blouses, jeans, pants and dresses; or it could be uniforms, jerseys, business suits, evening wear and seasonal coats. We receive any amount of soiled garments – from one piece, to a few pieces, to bags and bags of them. No job is considered too big or too small for us at Laundry Shop Singapore.

For your home and offices, we also offer laundry and dry cleaning services for curtains, carpets, rugs and upholstery. From your bedroom, you can send us your bedsheets, bed linens, quilts, duvets, pillows, cushions, loose covers, mattress protectors and just any other item to be professionally cleaned.

From your wardrobe collection, we are happy to help you dry clean your precious ball gowns, evening wear, delicate lingerie, leather garments, theatrical costumes, traditional costumes and even wedding gown.

Laundry Shop Singapore has done tons of laundry in the past 20 years, so we have seen them all. Backed by our experienced and highly skilled laundry professionals, almost nothing is impossible for us.

Premium Laundry Care At Affordable Prices

We offer the finest of laundry and dry cleaning services at extremely competitive prices. Besides our top-notch cleaning facilities and modern equipment, we also have a wealth of experience in the laundry industry. We are very flattered to have set the high bar for others in the laundry business.

Come Talk To Us

Feel free to talk to us or email us regarding your laundry requirements. Our enthusiastic team are on hand to tend to your every need. We are ready to provide you with what you need and more.

Do not procrastinate anymore. Engage our laundry and dry cleaning services and free up your time now!

Our Laundry Services

Commercial Laundry

Regardless of your industry, location or load amount, Laundry Shop Singapore has got you covered.

Residential Laundry

From ironing services, to washing and folding, Laundry Shop Singapore is your trusted laundry services provider.

Dry Cleaning

Does your wedding gown, leather jacket or curtains need delicate handling? Contact us for our dry cleaning services.

Express Dry Clean

Need your clothes dry cleaned urgently? No problem at all. We are here to help you with all your emergency cleaning needs.

Ironing Services

Tired of ironing shirts, blouses and dresses? Why not let us help you. Contact Laundry Shop Singapore now.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need to be cleaned frequently to prolong their lifespan and for hygiene purposes. When was your last carpet cleaning?

Laundry Delivery

Why send your clothes to the laundromat when we can provide pick up and delivery services right at your door step?

Curtain Dry Clean

Curtains are often overlooked when we clean our homes and offices. When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? 

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