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When cleaning leather jackets, you need professionals who are truly experienced in dealing with all sorts of leather.
You can trust Laundry Shop Singapore to give your leather jackets the care and attention they deserve.
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Leather Jacket Laundry

Your leather jacket is probably the coolest apparel you’ve ever owned. It has timeless appeal and pairs well with just about any outfit. Wearing it makes you feel tough and confident at the same time. Such a great addition to your wardrobe needs to be well taken care of.

Tips On How To Care For Your Leather Jacket

First and foremost, keep it clean by spot cleaning any stains as soon as possible. Do not let these stains seep into the leather fibres as this will create permanent stains and marks.

When storing your leather jacket, wrap it in something breathable to keep the leather fresh, such as a muslin garment bag. Do not keep it in the clear plastic cover which the dry cleaners provide you with. Avoid folding your leather jacket as it creates unsightly creases and wrinkles. Instead hang it up with a wide padded coat hangar so that it retains its shape in your wardrobe.

Store your leather jacket in a cool and dry place. With Singapore’s humid weather, it is advisable to invest in a small dehumidifier or use chemical desiccant to get rid of excess moisture in your closet. Keep your closet dark as prolonged exposure to light can cause your leather jacket to fade or discolour with time. Take it out to air every now and then, as good ventilation prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

With time and use, your leather jacket will tend to stiffen. Apply a leather protectant to condition and treat your leather every few months or so.

Proper Cleaning Method For Leather

While a good leather jacket is tough enough to last a lifetime, it is also a high maintenance item. Being a natural material, leather is porous and absorbs water readily. When your leather jacket gets wet, it loses some of its natural oils, potentially leading to a dry and brittle texture. The water also creates unsightly spots, splotches and stains which can turn permanent.

Laundering your leather jacket using the wet wash method may damage it, shrink it, discolour it or cause it to become out of shape. Thus soiled leather jackets, like your blazers and suits, need to be sent to the dry cleaners for professional cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Leather Jacket

Not all leather jackets are created equal. The type of leather used – cowhide, sheepskin, buckskin, etc – will make a big difference when it comes to how you should clean them.

The process of dry cleaning a leather jacket requires the type of leather to be identified first. Next, stains on the leather jacket will be spot cleaned meticulously. When the leather jacket has gone through the detailed cleaning, a full cleansing of the leather jacket would then be done. The choice of cleaning agents should be non-toxic in nature.

Dry cleaning is the best form of treatment, as it gets your leather jacket fully clean, leaving no marks, stains, and scuffs on it. In addition, the shape and texture of your jacket is retained.

Dry Cleaning By Professionals

When cleaning leather jackets, you need professionals who are truly experienced in dealing with all sorts of leather – cow leather, calf hide, lambskin, pigskin, deerskin, suede and more. With our expertise in dry cleaning, our skilled personnels are able to analyse and choose the best solvents and cleaning process for your specific type of leather.

Our leather specialists can remove the most difficult stains, scuffs and marks, while preserving your leather’s original appearance. During the dry cleaning process, all stains and dirt are removed, and natural oils that are lost are replenished.

Your leather jacket will be pressed using finishing equipment designed specifically for leather. To ensure the highest quality service is rendered, our experts will inspect each garment before and after every phase of our cleaning process.

Giving Your Leather The Best Treatment

We are tough on the stains, but gentle with your leather. You can trust Laundry Shop Singapore to give your leather jackets the care and attention they deserve.

After investing heavily in them, your leather jackets deserve the best treatment they can get. So contact us now to find out more about our quality leather jacket cleaning services.

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